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The Contender [Feb. 12th, 2004|12:04 am]
At this stage in the political arena, much of the focus has shifted from the Bush administration to the Democratic nomination. Although no women are currently in the race, it is still important to examine the role that women as a whole play in politics - both as legislators/politicians and as voters. In order to find out more about the way women are treated in politics and the importance of women's issues, we watched The Contender. The film is about a woman who is nominated for Vice President after the current VP dies. There is harsh opposition to her nomination, and the Committee hearings reflect their dislike for the candidate.

Although the film doesn't directly address women's issues, it still highlights the different ways women are treated in politics and how important it is to stay true to your principles no matter what. Even though Joan Allen is not involved in any of the sexual scandals or affairs which she is accused of, she does not deny the actions. While you may assume that is because she is guilty, in fact, she remains indifferent in order to prove a point. If a man were in the same situation, he would not be subject to the same intense questioning or scrutiny to which she was.

Even though Joan Allen's character risks her political career by not denying the allegations, in the end she is more respected and ends up basically winning the Vice Presidency. Unfortunately not all political stories have happy endings in the real world, but the film still illustrates the opposition a woman in politics faces and the differential treatment she receives.

Based on these ideas, it is important (and interesting!) to examine female politicians - what they stand for, their backgrounds and their beliefs. Please include input, suggestions and thoughts!

From: justjack21
2004-02-12 01:49 am (UTC)

The Contender

This movie is about a woman running for Vice President and wins. This in a way shows the progress in our society. A movie like this would have never benn made in the 1950s. This shows what a woman can achieve if our society was more accepting.

This movie is also important because of the scandal this woman goes through. She is questioned more so than Bill Clinton was. She was also running for Vice President. Why not President? If this was a true feminist film, they would have put her as President instead of Vice.

In addition, this movie is important to watch because of the upcoming Democratic election. Women issues is a crucial topic that must be addressed. Other social issues are also being addressed that feminists like myself believe is important, such as gay issues and race issues.

As a whole we need to come together and vote someone that if for these right. We also need to push for a woman to run for President. I am very tired of seeing heterosexual, white men running and winning these elections. It's getting old. We need diversity. If a woman does win, that would be a great victory for women and the feminist movement.
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From: mjs564
2004-02-12 10:54 am (UTC)

Pro-life females




These are just a few of the sites I found when researching, although I can not find a definitive pro-life female politician. I know they exist, and I found a couple who either lost their elections, or are no longer in office, but I would really like to find one still in office today. Is one of the women supreme court justices pro-life, because I think that could work. Let me know your opinions.
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